No Frame

Where is there joy in your life?

Joy is the moment of transcendence when you fully experience the taste and potency of a pink lady apple, when you slide just that much deeper into Virabhadrasana II and an ease enters the body, the way the wind cradles your body as it sings around you, the warmth and delight of snuggling with a friendly sheep friend. Our yoga helps us cultivate joy in all that we do.

Joy is everywhere.


mapping the joyous

Yoga Guidance

Public Class Offerings:

Desert Lotus Studio

10 51 W Ave M Suite 20 9

Lancaster, CA 93534

Sundays 8 - 9 am Practitioner's Flow

9:20 -10 :20 am Basics Flow

Tuesdays 5 - 6 pm Gentle Flow

6:15 - 7:15 pm All Levels Flow

Class Pricing

$12 drop-in rate

$44 for a series of 4

$80 for a series of 8

$10 8 for a series of 12

packages valid for 6 months